The volcanic black soil of the Great Rift Valley is mineral rich and promotes robust root development for our coffee trees.The high altitude encourages our trees to grow slowly, giving the precious cherries more time to ripen and mature, which is critical to creating Great Rift coffee's complex flavour profiles.Add to that moderate temperatures and reliable patterns of rain, and you've got the perfect conditions for producing coffee with the bold, full-bodied flavors, fruity overtones and well-balanced acidity that make Great Rift coffee unique.
At Great Rift Coffee ethical sourcing, traceability and quality control are vital to our processes, ensuring transparency from farm to export.This enables us to adhere to sustainability standards.Traceability builds trust supports fair trade practices throughout our supply chain.
OurSustainableFarming Techniques
Shade-Grown CoffeeGrowing coffee under a canopy of shade trees mimics the natural forest environment and provides habitat for birds and other wildlife.
AgroforestryWe integrate coffee cultivation with other crops and indigenous trees to improve soil fertility, reduce erosion, and increase biodiversity on the farm.
Organic FarmingOrganic coffee farming avoids the use of synthetic chemicals, and promotes natural pest control and soil health. We use the by-product from our sugar cane farms for weed control and manure from our goat farm as fertiliser
Integrated Pest ManagementEmploying IPM strategies reduces the need for chemical pesticides by focusing on natural predators and managing pests and diseases.
Water ManagementWe've installed efficient irrigation systems and do our level best to minimize water wastage
Biodiversity PreservationWe have created multiple buffer zones and leave natural vegetation on the farm maintaining a diverse ecosystem. Specifically, we have multiple bee hives throughout the farm.
MagicAt theMill
The Great Rift Coffee Milling Factory is a vital link in our coffee supply chain.It's efficiency and passionate attention to detail significantly influence the final flavor and quality of our coffee.At the milling factory any imperfections are meticulously sorted out.To retain the highest quality product, the coffee beans undergo a professional and expert process:
Our Beans always make the grade
Bagged and stored for export
Coffee quality is carefully monitored
We roast and cup our signature blends in-house.

This is where the heart and soul of our premium Arabica coffee is revealed.

Our coffee is tasted time and time again by our Q-grader and roaster to create the Great Rift Coffee Company signature blends.
At Great Rift Coffee, we believe 'real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present'. We have established Great Rift Coffee Scholarships, which provide full Secondary School Academic Scholarships to the best performing girls in Nandi County. We are currently sponsoring 4 girls and are continuing to add.
Great Rift Coffee has a nuclear, Rainforest Alliance Certified farm of 450 acres located in the Great Rift Valley, where we grow a variety of coffee.
BatianBean1Sl28Bean2Ruiru 11Bean3Blue Mountain
All are available as green coffee for direct export overseas.
We process our coffee predominantly using the following methods:
HandsWaterIconFully Washed
HexagonIconHoney Processed
LeafIconNaturals Method
WindIconAnaerobic Fermentation
We also source coffee from trusted farmers along the Great Rift Valley, Western and Central Regions.
Our expert agronomists work closely with farmers:
HandSeedIconProviding healthy, strong seedlings
FlowerIconSubsidizing necessary farming inputs
CanIconAssisting in wet and dry processing
These key farmers provide the high quality coffee we export directly to international markets.
Dr. David MugeBVM: PHD: MRCVS
After attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Medicine in Kenya, Dr Muge was awarded a scholarship to the University of Bristol, where he pursued a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Pharmacology.He then worked for both the University of Bristol and Liverpool before setting out to work as a veterinary surgeon across the United Kingdom.Soon after, Dr Muge opened veterinary surgeries in London and sold them after 15 years to start Great Rift Coffee in Kenya.
Zakiya-Rose MugeMPharm
Stephen Kinoro
FactoryNdonyo-Ngaria,Eldoret, KenyaP.O.Box 10771-30100
Head OfficeCara House, Karen road, Karen,Nairobi, KenyaP.O.Box 4802-00100